Chest Of Words

Does your parrot know more words than you do?

Aargh, shiver me timbers!

Being a pirate has really changed over the years.

In the past, it was all about sailing, pillaging and singing sea shanties whilst drinking cheap rum. Nowadays, being a pirate involves sailing from island to island solving word puzzles, while your parrot flies in circles around your head squawking that «I know the answer and you don’t!»

Prove the feathered fool wrong by finding enough words to get your hands on the treasure. Once the booty has been safely loaded onto your ship, it’s time to set sail to the next island and do it all over again.

Oh, and here’s a small hint for you: the word aaaaaarrrrrgh isn’t in this game.

With an endless ocean of words to find and bonuses for finding the secret Hidden Words, there’s plenty to keep a plucky pirate busy.

Sure, it may not get your adrenaline pumping as much as wrestling a shark or single-handedly taking on the entire Spanish Armada but on the bright side, modern day pirates are a lot less likely to lose their hands and eyes.

And there’s no need to pirate this game: it’s free to download!

So, set sail for fun today with Chest of Words. It would be a crime not to.